Where to Start

Luxury design requires an attention to detail most cannot fathom. As a designer or architect, you get that.

And, as if coordinating an entire home or commercial space project weren’t enough, there are layers of details in draperies, shades, hardware and motorization that a very few have mastered. Truth be told, the finer points of window treatments aren’t in the curriculum for many designers, and so it’s often trial by fire, which is why we are here.

At L&A, we are often more a partner than a vendor. As one of the older and considerably more experienced providers of luxury draperies, shades, hardware and motorization, we not only know what questions to ask, our Client Services experts can assist you with:

  • Designing your window treatments
  • Specifying fabrics, textiles, hardware and automation requirements
  • Estimating all of the materials, components, fabrication, delivery and installation
  • Fabrication, finishing and assembly
  • Delivery of all materials to your office or job site
  • Installation of draperies, shades, hardware and motorization

This is all standard procedure for L&A, but we also do each of these processes individually as part of our Designer Services offerings.

So, rather than letting uncertainty curtail your design ambitions for residential or commercial installations, contact us online or call our Client Services advisors at 214-340-0359. Get the answers and assistance you need to turn your ideas into interior art for your clients.



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