The Designer’s Best Friend

Lancaster & Associates provides so much more than window treatments …

Sure enough, we design, specify, estimate, plan, fabricate, coordinate, manage and install on any given project, but most importantly we meet your needs where and when you need us. Being sticklers for detail, we also make certain you have the information required to design and manage your installations. Our support team is available to you for projects large and small.

Beyond that day-to-day process, we also provide services to our designer, architect and hospitality/commercial buyers including:

  • Designer Referrals — As we promote the L&A and J.L. Anthony brands to the trade, ultimately there is spillover to homeowners and others. Under our policy we cannot sell directly to these fine people, so if they do not have a designer or architect we match them with trade providers in their geographic area. If you’re not in our Designer Referral database, please join it here and reap the benefits of this program
  • Designer Showcase — We are always interested in promoting projects and designers and architects that utilize our services and materials. If you have an upcoming or completed project you would like to promote, please contact us here. We will review the project, photograph it, interview you and publish the results on our sites and social media channels. You also will receive a packet with all digital versions of the materials created for your own use.
  • Webinars, Videos & eNews — We regularly produce webinars, video vignettes and eNews updates covering industry topics and items specific to L&A’s way of producing our magic. If you’re on our mailing list, you’ll receive our eNews and invitations to our presentations online.
  • Client Meetings — If you need assistance discussing plans for a client’s window treatments and wish to have one of our experts on the phone or in person, simply contact our Client Services people online or directly at 214-340-0359. We can also host your meeting in our showroom with advance notice.


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