Keeping It Reel

Can you ever have too much of a good thing? It is a scenario that plays out in nearly every project: necessary supplies are available in too small or large a supply or size, and so you must order a surplus. This creates a budget bubble, and an inventory issue that gets addressed one way or another, i.e. somebody is going to shoulder the cost and store the excess.

We see this happening again and again with one component in our home automation projects: low-voltage wire. So, we’ve worked with our partners to package our go-to low voltage wire, Somfy SDN, (Plenum and Non-Plenum) in 100′, 500′ and 1,000′ reels and we’re now selling them to the trade online here.

Somfy SDN composite control and power cable is ideal for:

  • Independent Workrooms
  • A/V Companies
  • Interior Designers
  • Architects
  • Institutional Buyers

Somfy SDN 9020127 Plenum-Rated Wire

The yellow SDN low-voltage-motor power and data cable for Sonesse Ultra 50 and Sonesse 30 was previously only available in 1,000′ reels, and one size does not fit all, especially if it’s a smaller installation or one-off for an independent workroom or A/V firm. Visit our online shopping section for significant budget savings for smaller-scale installations, and eliminate the waste and warehousing of excess materials (and cash flow) by ordering the right size for your project. You can also get our Price List in a downloadable format here.

And as always, if you have questions on this or any other motorization product, please call us at (214) 340-0359 or send us an inquiry here.


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