Your Window to Our World

Welcome to the new online home for Lancaster & Associates.

We know there’s a lot to learn, trends to follow and a creative muse to feed for each of our designer, architect and hospitality/commercial buyer clients. We intend this online resource to provide all that and much more 24/7. The site is meant to provide:

  • Resources — For each of the product lines we offer through L&A, we have included the manufacturer’s latest product guides and/or catalogs in downloadable PDF’s. Look for the Document Center section on a page and you will find links to specific information useful for specs, mood-boards, RFP’s and estimates.
  • Galleries — In our Gallery section you’ll find an ongoing source of inspiration in photographs of products, workroom processes, materials, and installations. We will even update the galleries to include our latest Designer Showcase features.
  • Industry Updates — We are very active in the design community and the industry at large, so as we learn more, you’ll benefit from our insights and updates here in our News & Updates section, and via our social media channels updates on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Online Shopping — L&A will soon offer a select group of products to the trade including specific components, motorization products and assemblies, and made-to-measure hardware systems. Purchase will require registration and verification of trade status.

We are very interested in your success, and your feedback relating to how we can better serve your needs. Please contact us online with all of your questions and comments, or via our Client Services telephone at 214-340-0359.




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