Finials of Fall, Part Deaux

When our J.L. Anthony team set out to create the J.L. Anthony Finials of Fall, no one in the workroom knew just how big, remarkable or fun the project would become.

Simple ideas abut tweaking existing finishes into fall imagery morphed into all manner of twists and turns. The results are breathtaking; worthy of the showcase. Interestingly enough, several have spawned solid choices for future standard finishes for the company.

“Our finishing team works magic every day, and custom finishes are part of a process we enjoy,” says Philip Clemmons. “But instead of a client sending in a swatch of fabric, a photo or wallpaper to match, they had to dream up new finishes and the results are just beautiful.”

Carl Williford, L&A’s Production Supervisor, provided these notes on the process:

  • There were 3 “realms” of finishes we wanted to utilize for creative space.
  • First was the area of the gourds and “vegetation” of fall. We used custom mixes of paint for the base colors and added various browns and greys for antiquing. Finally we mixed different acrylics for the trims and accents.
  • Second is all the different wood tones we wanted to capitalize on that autumn gives way to as the trees change color heading towards winter. This is represented in the variations of the J.L. Anthony finishes used such as Chestnut and Cordovan Mahogany.
  • Last but not least was the more creative and definitely custom realm where the main goal was to showcase truly unique finishes. We also wanted to give the finishing crew grounds for expressing their creativity in ways that the Finials of Fall provided them.

In order to provide the complete notes on each finish, we set up four separate fall scenes and photographed them. Carl, along with finish artisans Shelby Clowdus and Dillon Stone provided additional notes about each finish, and they’re identified and annotated an individual blog post in JLA’s Vista titled Finials of Fall Finish Notes.

Please click through and explore the finishes (there’s a separate gallery here) and the many applications you can dream up for each of them. Your Client Services representative or J.L. Anthony Dealer is ready to assist you in making your Finials of Fall choices year-round delights for your clients’ homes.

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