A Shade Better – Lutron’s Palladiom

Every Palladiom shade bracket begins with a solid piece of extruded aluminum. Brushed by hand, smoothed to perfection, and crafted to last a lifetime.

Lancaster & Associates has been designated a Lutron Palladiom Shades Qualified Dealer.

This puts us in a position only a handful of window-treatment companies are prepared to embrace, offering, fabricating and installing this finely-crafted exposed bracket system with an enhanced drive architecture and even quieter performance, all within a slender 3-inch total profile.

Palladiom shades can handle a 12 x 12’ window opening – and the fabric required to cover it – with a startlingly thin tube. Only two inches in diameter, the innovative tube geometry results in a structure that is remarkably rigid yet extremely light. The result: maximum strength, minimum profile.

Beginning with the slender, carefully balanced bottom rail, Palladiom ensures a balanced aesthetic – from roller to window sill. That rail beautifully features Lutron’s patented intelligent Hembar Alignment designed to synchronize all motorized shades in a single space.

Palladiom’s circular bracket visually extends the structural tube outward and into the wall … the shade appears to float in midair.

Sleek and sophisticated, Palladiom is designed to fit anywhere. It blends into any architectural style seamlessly, especially when the jamb is integrated into a frame or window recess.

L&A can add this to your motorized designs with a minimum of fuss or effort on your part. Contact us today to learn more about this high-performance system.


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